A Bright Future Awaits Guitarist Kovach in Nashville

Josh Kovach was probably still in diapers when this band was formed, but in 2010 this young, aspiring guitarist started hanging around. We couldn’t get rid of him even if we wanted to. It was our bass player’s idea to put him in the band….before we had even heard him play a note. It was exciting, until the first few shows. Then we kicked him out. Well, not really, but he had a lot to learn.

That may have been the kick in the pants that created the unbelievable drive and focus he has shown over the last seven years. The guitar seems to have become a part of his anatomy these days. His playing has matured so much that the language he creates with his instrument has become second nature. Through college and after, while holding a part-time job, he played in several bands in the Bangor area, performed in musical theater, taken guitar lessons, and still managed to fulfill his commitment to Common Crossing….his first band.

Which brings us to the divergent paths we find ourselves at today. Josh has an opportunity to follow his dream of playing guitar in the music capital of the world, Nashville, Tennessee. The boys in the band are beyond happy for him and vow to cheer him on from every stage we play on. Although he will probably sit in with the band whenever he comes home, Josh’s last official show with the band will be the big party at Trafton Lake on September 9th. Please join us and Wally and the Virginian on September 9th and send our boy off in the manner he deserves.

Godspeed JoKo!

We Love You Bro!

Brian, Doug, & Shane