When four musical paths meet, the result is a “Common Crossing.” It’s an apt title for a power quartet that seamlessly melds together their blues, pop, rock and country influences to create something catchy and magical. “It’s mostly just fun music,” says vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Brian Mosher. “We have a good time and it shows.”

The Maine-based Common Crossing has been a unit for 20 years but it wasn’t until August of 2010 that they finally released a proper album, “Seeing the Light of Day.” While specializing in cover songs that make people of all ages get up and dance, the crowds have been drawn to Common Crossing’s original music as well. “Our songs seem to fit nicely into our set and the reaction has been fantastic,” says bassist and vocalist Shane Mountain.

The band gained international attention when some regional radio stations hooked on to a particular song from the album, “Come Home.” It’s a poignant tale of a little girl missing her father who is in the military and stationed overseas. “We wrote it for a friend of ours who was stationed in Iraq,” says drummer and vocalist Doug Cronkhite, himself a Desert Storm veteran. “We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from the song,” says Mosher. “It’s a tough song to listen to sometimes because if you are part of a military family it really hits home. After all that they do and have done for us, to have been able to put those emotions into a song is the least we could do for our military personnel.”

Common Crossing’s album, “Seeing the Light of Day” is now at Bull Moose Music, online at iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Digstation and Emusic. They are currently playing shows throughout the Northeast.